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It’s been a busy few weeks here at Berry’s

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Berry’s

We have had a busy few weeks here at Berry’s, hindered by the ever changing weather and storms we have experienced here in Wensleydale.

This unpredictable weather has meant the animals have spent more time in the stable than they would like. Harry and Elspeth the sheep, Doris the pygmy goat and Rolo our Shetland Pony have all felt a little cooped up (pardon the pun), but none have been more upset than Tiger and Traffic, 2 of our pigs, who have sorely missed the attention of their loyal fan club.

Visitors will also notice Harry, our ‘pet lamb’ who has a very large woolly winter coat, is now bigger than Rolo the mini Shetland! Doris our goat has had a mini makeover with a feet clipping; all this wet weather has wreaked havoc with her nails! But Doris isn’t the only one on the farm who’s been preening, the Hairy Ladies (our Highland Cows) have also come down from the hill for a fringe trim.

Elsewhere on the Farm, we have just sent the first of our Goldilocks Porkers (a cross between a Mangolitza sow,” Mango” and a Duroc Boar. “Braveheart “) off to market and have already noticed a drop in the noise level on the Farm at tea time. Charlie our cockerel has been looking a little lonely of late and in need of another companion, he has just one light Sussex hen, we are hoping to put our new incubator to the test and hatch some chicks in time for Easter, so fingers crossed Charlie will soon have some new friends!

We are now hoping for a calmer few weeks going forward, and fingers crossed some better weather. After a few closures on Monday’s through the winter period we are back to being open 7 days a week, so do come visit us and the animals soon!


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