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Bridget’s April Blog

Bridget’s April Blog

We all enjoyed Easter at Berry's - the tables were full with lots of compliments on the food (well done the kitchen team), and the Farm Attraction was launched and all the animals had delivered their young safely. We had fluffy chicks in time for Easter, plus the rabbits relished the extra petting and the cows and sheep had some lovely calves and lambs to enjoy and feed.

Our Sow Mango and pygmy goat Doris are yet to farrow and kid.

I have decided to take the horns off last year's highland calves in an effort to make them more user friendly - they are talking to me again but there was a stand off!

The highland cows are very happy with their new offspring and have been a favourite for the farm tour spectators.

This time of year we always have a big tree and shrub planting exercise on the Swinithwaite estate, everyone with 2 legs gets roped in and even those with 4!

This year we are planting Laurel, Privet, Holly, wild Cherry, Douglas Fir and larch - all will be enjoyed by the birds and hopefully the next generation.

An eye catching addition to the Farm Shop has been some beautiful broaches for sale made from bird feathers, they are made by Sue Towers who lives in Swinithwaite.

In my next blog I should have some news on our new menu lay out and composition - keeping everything seasonal and fresh - also the piglets should have arrived!

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