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April Blog - Part 2

April Blog - Part 2

As I am writing Mango the mangolitza sow is giving birth (farrowing). I am trying not to look as peace and quiet are essential, but the last count was 3, can you see the little faces? watch this space!

Another celebration was a climb up to the top of Pen Hill to light the bonfire to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. It was a lovely clear night and we thought we saw at least 2 other bonfires from this ancient site. Then it was a trip down to the Fox and Hounds in West Witton for Birthday cake and fireworks.

A walk down the hill to the river revealed a carpet of yellow primroses, they always take me by surprise, rather like rhubarb suddenly appearing. We then walked on to find a chest of tadpole frogspawn, we took a small amount home in a bucket to watch it grow and hatch - it is now back in the stream.

Elspeth the pet sheep is very bored now the daily farm tours have stopped, we are continuing the farm tours at the weekend and will start again with the daily tours at 1/2 term and the summer holidays. Elspeth still likes to come with me on the rounds and checks all the rations.

A Devon cow aborted a calf this month but we were able to find a young calf from the village milking herd and she is now the proud mother of a Belgium blue calf - it is wonderful when it works and everyone is happy.

Flopsey and Lopsey, our Rabbits, have had a trip to the vets this week to be castrated. They were also vaccinated against myxmatosis, and will now be able to go out in the run. Mxymatosis is a disease that is spread by mosquitos so good to have them done before all this hot weather we are going to get.

The Berry’s menu revamp is taking longer than we thought - blame the busy Easter Holidays!


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