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Bridget’s May Blog - Part One

Bridget’s May Blog - Part One

As all the young stock are growing fast - it always amazes me how quickly the piglets, calves, lambs and chicks eat solid food after they are born, within a few days all the young stock with try hay, nuts or grass.

The chickens that hatched at Easter are outside and enjoying the sunshine and the piglets are starting to lose their stripes as they are running at speed and wouldn't need the camouflage in the wild.

The walks at Berry's are all laced with wild garlic, I must find the wild garlic soup recipe which was a success last year - lovely smells everywhere.

The next stages in the cycle of the stock are already being planned , I have booked a highland bull to come and visit the cows in June - he should be impressive as the cows are impressive enough! Mango is heading back to the boar, Braveheart, in June ready for hopefully another litter in November.

On the maintenance side the blacksmith is booked to trim Rolo , the miniature Shetland, hooves - I hope not to get into trouble for having him too fat, his summer coat is starting to look good , I now need some volunteers to bath him!

The Berry's team were treated to a farm tour , they said they all learnt something! They all managed to find a pair of wellies!

I am looking forward to 1/2 term and have some more eggs in the incubator to hatch in time. Flopsey and Lopsey the rabbits have missed the attention from the farm tours and hope for more cuddles soon.


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