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Bridget’s April Blog


Bridget’s April Blog

This is more like it - so much going on that there's no time to watch the Blackbirds fighting or sneak up on the Partridge hiding somewhere under the Yew hedge. Everything seems to be making babies or fighting for the right to!

"Ross, the new billy for Doris. Hopefully producing a playmate for Blackadder in August."

March's weather kept us on our toes. The black Highland calf was glad we had waited until Spring for calving.

The snow was a surprise for us all...

"A surprise for everyone!"

...and then a day of constant driving rain, sadly cost us at least four Lambs and it lead to rivers of water streaming down the hills.

"Water coming down the hill after the snow and rain."

The second Highland calf had an easier time of it. Born on Mothers' day he has two mothers to babysit while the third Cow waits out for her calf to arrive.

"And this is Auntie."

The black calf is recovered and starting to look interested in the hay already.

"It doesn't look very tasty."

Some of us are born inside and are feeling very smug about it. This chap is one day old and on view for the farm feeding activity at 2pm every day in the holidays.

Lamb Feeding has started at 2pm everyday.

We then had some serious blue skies and Blondie, last years calf, is still not quite one of the gang but she has plenty of voice and some serious horns growing that will come in useful at feeding times!

"Blondie learning to moo."

More lovely views from the courtyard.

"Blue skies through the courtyards."

The weather was helpful for the latest project at Berry's which is sticking a toe in the glamping scene with the erection of three Yurts, Not a bad view to start the day off with...

...and a stunning view to end the day with as well!

I love this view of the Farm Shop and Swinithwaite just visible in between the black thorn before the young leaves block it until Winter time again.

View of Swinithwaite and the Farm Shop before the leaves grow."

I have been far and wide in the cause of Berry's marketing. My trip to the Thirsk Leaflet Exchange was made more jolly by a very handsome brown Llama who was fascinated by our Berry's logo, he felt the spotted animal in the middle had a very short neck! His day job was working for Nidderdale Llamas carrying customer's picnics for countryside walks.

I also confirmed that Sir Gary Verity would be coming and cutting the cake for Berry's 5th Birthday party on 22nd April along with the dynamic Hannah Russell who has created a Crafts Fair in our Top Barn with many attractions, including the farm animal feeding tours outside.

On with more inside news, our first Quiz night! I can only just start talking about after not winning (despite serious bribery!), the winners were from West Yorkshire! Anyway they were lovely people and I will be brushing up on local history before the next Quiz night at Berry's. The Sedgewicks did a fabulous job of Quiz masters and we made £100 for the Leyburn Bowls club.

Berry's kitchen team have been working hard to get the new menu up and running for the Easter holidays and for those wanting to get into the Summer holiday shape we have a large selection of appetising salads to choose from.

Its 10pm and I am going to check on Elspeth our Manx loaghton sheep who was definitely not going out into the garth this evening, and she rarely does anything she doesn't want to do - so much for her softning!

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